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Strong Defense Against Drug Crime Charges In Washington County And Beyond

The consequences of a drug crime conviction vary widely depending on the drugs in question, the alleged crime committed and whether someone has been a previous offender. Penalties range from heavy fines to mandatory prison time, and no matter how big or small the charge, the collateral damage to your record and reputation can last long into the future.

If you or your child has been charged with a serious drug crime, contact the Thole Law Firm for experienced and aggressive defense. Washington County lawyer Eric Thole resolves drug crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, crystal meth and other controlled substances. He represents clients charged in Washington County and the surrounding jurisdictions of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Handling Marijuana Possession Defense And Other Drug Crimes

As a former prosecutor for Washington County, founding attorney Eric Thole has tried most of the misdemeanor and felony drug crimes. He is likely familiar with the prosecutors and judges in charge of your case, and he maintains a reputation for providing skilled and ethical criminal defense. He handles drug crimes such as:

Attorney Thole will thoroughly examine the details of your case for any evidence of illegal search and seizure of your home or car, or whether highway patrol had a reasonable suspicion to perform a traffic stop if you were stopped along I-94 or another public roadway. Such evidence can mean the difference between conviction and dismissal.

He can explore all of your options for beating the charges you face, including first-time offender programs that allow you to expunge your record in exchange for completing a rehabilitation program or community service. Such programs are not for everyone or in everyone’s best interests, however. Attorney Thole is fully prepared to defend your rights in court, if necessary.

Take Action Today By Requesting A Free Consultation

Eric Thole understands that most people who are caught with controlled substances are not hardened criminals. Contact him at 651-300-7389 for a free consultation to discuss your drug crime defense. He will seek to protect your rights and reputation within the community, taking steps to minimize the immediate and long-term impact of your charges.

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