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Efficiently Fighting Prescription Drug Charges

Even good people make bad choices sometimes. Located in Stillwater, the Thole Law Firm provides strong, effective legal defense to clients throughout Washington County who have been charged with the possession or sale of prescription drugs or who are facing prescription drug fraud charges.

Resolving Prescription Drug Fraud And Related Crimes

Prescription drugs, including OxyContin, OxyCodone, Xanax, Vicodin and Percocet, are highly addictive. Many people become dependent after being prescribed a medication to treat pain after surgery or deal with an emotional issue. When the prescription refills run out, some turn to illegal methods to obtain these drugs, including prescription shopping, stealing prescription pads, fraudulently filling prescriptions, or stealing or selling medications.

In Minnesota, possessing medication without a prescription, or selling prescription drugs is a felony. If you are found guilty, you are facing large fines and up to 30 years in prison. As a doctor or nurse, a prescription drug fraud conviction could mean the loss of your license and your livelihood. Even after serving your sentence, a felony conviction will strip you of many civil liberties, including the right to vote and the right to possess firearms, and make it difficult to find a job and housing.

At the Thole Law Firm, your lawyer can begin building your legal defense before your trial. As a legal strategy, many clients enroll in drug treatment programs to show the prosecution and the judge that they are willing to cooperate and voluntarily take steps to change their lifestyle. By taking proactive steps that show the prosecution you are serious about overcoming your legal challenges, attorney Thole may be able to get your charges lowered or dismissed and help you avoid jail time.

A Former Prosecutor Working For You

Clients turn to the Thole Law Firm when they need a strong criminal defense attorney with inside knowledge into the criminal justice system. As a past Washington County assistant prosecutor and former Stillwater and Cottage Grove city attorney, Eric Thole knows how the prosecution may act. Drawing upon this inside knowledge, Mr. Thole offers clients strong, strategic legal defense that provides them with the best possible resolution of their criminal prescription drug charges.

Protect Your Rights And Your Record Today

If you have been charged with the possession or sale of prescription drugs, you are facing serious felony charges. Contact a Stillwater prescription drug offense lawyer at 651-300-7389 for serious defense.