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If This Isn’t Your First DUI, You Need A Strong Advocate

If you have been charged with your second or third DUI, the stakes are high. You need a smart, experienced attorney defending your rights.

Attorney Eric Thole gives clients the edge they need to overcome their criminal charges. As a former assistant Washington County prosecutor, and past Stillwater and Cottage Grove city attorney, Mr. Thole knows the steps the prosecution will likely take when building its case against you. Drawing upon this inside knowledge, Mr. Thole is able to build smart legal defense strategies that help get his clients the best possible resolution of their DUI or OUI charges.

When good people make mistakes, they contact former prosecutor Eric Thole for legal representation.

A Former Prosecutor Fighting Your Multiple DUI Offenses

Minnesota and Wisconsin take severe action against repeat DUI/OUI offenders. If you have been charged with your second or third DUI, you are facing serious criminal charges. Fourth and fifth DUI charges are felonies. If convicted you face mandatory jail sentences and thousands of dollars in fines.

In addition to the legal punishments, repeated DUI convictions bring collateral consequences, including:

  • Driver’s license revocation
  • Mandatory alcohol treatment
  • Interlock ignition devices (IID)
  • House arrest
  • Probation
  • Whiskey plates
  • Car impoundment
  • High insurance premiums

DUI convictions leave permanent marks on your criminal record. A criminal record may make it hard to find a job, prevent you from getting federal educational loans and can put professional licenses – such as medical licenses – in jeopardy.

The Thole Law Firm fights clients’ DUI charges and questions the circumstances surrounding the arrest. Were you illegally pulled over? Were you given your Miranda rights? Were you given the option to refuse field sobriety tests? Was the breath test properly calibrated and administered? If there is any doubt as to the validity of the breath test or the manner in which you were stopped and arrested, attorney Thole can fight to have your charges dropped.

As a pretrial technique, he often recommends clients enroll in alcohol treatment programs. These proactive steps not only show the judge you are taking voluntary steps to overcome your lifestyle issues, but they also give you an edge during negotiations with the prosecution.

Don’t Accept License Suspension; Call A Lawyer

For a free consultation with an experienced multiple DUI offense lawyer in Stillwater, contact the Thole Law Firm at 651-300-7389.