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Internet Sex Crimes Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

If you have been charged with an online sex crime, such as possession of child pornography or online solicitation of a minor – you are facing serious, life-changing criminal charges. Located in Stillwater, the Thole Law Firm provides individuals throughout Washington County with strong, effective legal defense against internet sex crimes. You can work to overcome your criminal charges and move forward with your life.

As a past assistant Washington County prosecutor and former Stillwater city attorney, Eric Thole knows the evidence and arguments needed to unravel the prosecution’s strongest case. His inside knowledge of the criminal justice system gives clients the edge they need to pursue the best possible resolution of their criminal charges.

Resolving Child Porn Possession Cases Throughout Washington County And Beyond

In Minnesota, convicted sex offenders face a lifetime of legal oversight and public scrutiny. The state’s sex offender registry system requires convicted sex offenders to provide the state with information regarding their residence, where they work, and any educational institution they attend, as well as the locations of any other property they own, lease or rent. Any changes to where you live, work or go to school, must be reported to the state.

Attorney Thole doesn’t wait until trial to begin crafting a strong defense. As a pretrial strategy, he often recommends clients work with Internet behavioral counselors to treat cybersex addiction. He uses this in negotiations with prosecution to showcase clients’ willingness to cooperate, reduce charges and avoid jail time.

Attorney Thole will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest to ensure your constitutional rights were not violated. If police illegally wiretapped your phone, lacked probable cause to search your computer or failed to properly advise you of your Miranda rights, he will fight to have your charges thrown out.

Protect Your Rights During Criminal Investigations

If you are the subject of an internet sex crime investigation, do not wait until you have been formally charged before contacting a legal advocate. Attorney Thole can act as a buffer during criminal investigations, to protect your constitutional rights and limit the prosecution’s ability to build their cases. Oftentimes police officers do not have probable cause for a warrant. By contacting a lawyer immediately, you may be able to minimize the charges brought against you and possibly prevent charges altogether.

Contact Stillwater lawyer Eric Thole for defense against internet sex crimes at 651-300-7389. Initial consultations are free.