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Skillful Defense Against Marijuana Possession Charges In The Stillwater Area

At the Thole Law Firm, you will find smart, strong defense against marijuana drug charges. Attorney Eric Thole knows that everyone makes mistakes. He will help you overcome your charge so you can move forward with your life.

Located in Stillwater, the firm represents clients throughout Washington County and Hudson, Wisconsin.

Get a former prosecutor working for you. Attorney Eric Thole is a former Stillwater and Cottage Grove city attorney and former assistant Washington County prosecutor. Clients rely on Mr. Thole for his inside knowledge of the criminal justice system and trust him to build strong, smart legal defense campaigns that help get them the best possible resolution of their criminal marijuana drug charges.

Charged With Marijuana Cultivation Or Sales?

Selling and growing weed are felony offenses in Minnesota. Depending on the amount of pot involved, you may be facing anywhere from five years to 30 years in prison and max fines ranging from $10,000 to one million dollars. Importing marijuana into the state and distributing marijuana in a school zone are also felony offenses and bring steep penalties.

It is a crime to possess 42.5 grams (or an ounce and a half) or more of marijuana, even if only for personal use. Depending on the amount of pot involved, you may be facing anywhere from six months to 40 years in prison and fines up to $100,000. It can also be illegal to possess, use or sell drug paraphernalia.

In addition to jail time and fines, a marijuana conviction can permanently mark your criminal record and may make it difficult to obtain employment. Convictions for felony-level charges can strip you of your civil right to vote or possess a firearm.

At the Thole Law Firm, attorney Thole examines the facts to determine whether our clients’ constitutional rights were violated. If the police illegally searched or seized you, or failed to provide adequate Miranda warnings, he can work to have evidence thrown out and your case dismissed.

Protect Your Record And Your Future

Many parents worry that a marijuana conviction will derail their child’s life and prevent them from getting into college, finding a job and playing school sports. That’s why attorney Thole strives to build strong juvenile defense strategies that help minors avoid punishment, and offer an opportunity for minors to learn from their mistakes. His goal is always to get your child a second chance.

Contact Stillwater marijuana possession lawyer Eric Thole at 651-300-7389.