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Former Prosecutor Serving Minnesota and Wisconsin Since 1992

Former Prosecutor Serving
Minnesota and Wisconsin Since 1992

Minnesota Attorneys Handling Terroristic Threat Cases

The Thole Law Firm — providing strong, effective legal defense to individuals throughout Washington County who have been charged with terroristic threats.

Charged With Threatening Violence — A Felony Offense?

In Minnesota, threatening a crime of violence, even flippantly, is considered a terroristic threat. That means uttering the words “I’m going to kill you” is a felony-level offense while actually harming someone, say by hitting them in the face, is only a misdemeanor charge.

At the Thole Law Firm, our Stillwater lawyers understand that even good people make bad choices. In the heat of the moment, feelings become exaggerated and people say things they don’t mean. Our attorneys attack the prosecution’s case and undermine the prosecution’s evidence to show our clients did not have the intent to commit the threatened act, and get our clients’ charges reduced or dismissed.

As a former Stillwater and Cottage Grove city attorney and former assistant Washington County prosecutor, attorney Eric Thole provides clients with special insight into the inner workings of the criminal justice system. Because Mr. Thole knows the steps the prosecutor will take against you, he uses proactive defense strategies that keeps undermines the prosecution’s case.

Defending Against Criminal Charges In And Out Of Court

At the Thole Law Firm, we understand the importance of handling our clients’ cases efficiently and quietly. Being charged with a felony can cause embarrassment and public scrutiny. It may even put your job in jeopardy. We being your defense before trial begins, and work to get your charges dropped so can avoid trial, avoid the court of public opinion and move forward with your life.

If you have been charged with a terroristic threat, you are facing serious criminal charges. Protect your rights, your freedom and your record. Contact the Thole Law Firm at 651-300-7389 for an experienced lawyer who knows how to defend against terroristic threats in Minnesota.


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